Residential Golf Booking Terms & Conditions

1. General Business Terms

Please read the following booking conditions carefully as they clearly define the rights and obligations of each party associated with the booking contract. These terms are specifically related a Golf Residential booking at Hellidon Lakes Hotel, and are entered into by Hellidon Lakes Limited, trading as Hellidon Lakes – hereafter “the hotel” – the legal trading entity that will perform the services as described in the associated booking contract, and you, the lead name as detailed below – hereafter “the client” or the “the guest”.

For the Client For the Hotel



Printed Name:

Printed Name: Chris Gilliland

Job Title:

Job Title: General Manager


Hotel: Hellidon Lakes



These terms & conditions apply to all Golf Residential bookings made with the hotel, which include any bookings received and confirmed via any third party agent or referral affiliate. If your booking was made via a third party agent you are advised to read the terms and conditions for their agency services to facilitate and administer the booking, however third party agency terms do not form part of any agreement between the hotel and the client, and the agent is not responsible for any acts or omissions by the hotel in the provision of any service provided under the contract. This contract is made between us (the Hotel) and you (the Client) and no other entity is party to these terms.

By entering into this agreement both the hotel and the client agree that this contract constitutes the entire agreement between us in respect of the Golf Residential booking and it supersedes, cancels and nullifies any previous agreement between us relating to the booking, or any booking terms made with a third party agent associated with this booking. Furthermore, both the hotel and the client agree that these terms cannot be varied unless we both agree to the variation in writing and that there are no terms and conditions applying other than the terms set out in this contract.


2. Your Booking & Contract

You must be at least 18 years old to make a booking with us and authorised to make a booking on behalf of any other person named on the booking or by the parent or guardian of any person(s) named on the booking who are under the age of 18 years at the time of booking. The person making the booking will be referred to as the ‘lead name’ and will be responsible for all payments due against the booking under the terms set out in these booking conditions. If your booking was made via a third party agent, the agent may collect monies due under their agency booking agreement with you, and forward to the hotel on your behalf. The agreement to allow, and the process of indirect payment via a third party agent, does not nullify nor override any term set out in this contract. A contract exists between you (the client) and us (the hotel) once you have paid a deposit, or full payment, whichever is applicable, and we have despatched your booking confirmation. You should check this carefully, as it may not be possible to make changes later and non-confirmed items will not be supplied. Please notify us immediately if any information on the booking confirmation appears to be incorrect, missing or incomplete.

If your booking was made via a third party agent, a contract exists between you (the client) and us (the hotel) once we have issued booking confirmation to the agent. The agent will be responsible for notifying you (the client) that the booking has been confirmed with us (the hotel) and thereby a booking contract has been made between you (the client) and us (the hotel), which is subject to these terms. The contract in force for any confirmed booking is exclusively applied to the facilities and services associated with the booking and does not include other facilities and services that may be available by us (the hotel) but are not specifically included in your (the client) booking confirmation - please see section 11c and 11f (Your Stay) – and the non-provision of any facility or service, not included in your booking confirmation, does not represent a breach of these terms or contract.


3. Pricing

Published prices are for guidance only and we reserve the right to alter the price of any advertised Golf break, including but not limited to any pricing error, and we will advise you of the current price of the Golf break before confirming any booking. The price detailed in the booking confirmation is the contracted price and will be unaffected by any subsequent changes in advertised pricing. All prices quoted at time of booking confirmation include any applicable government tax or levy. All published prices, provided directly from the hotel or offered by third party agents or affiliates, referring to a residential booking, are based on 2 persons sharing a standard room. Single occupants will be subject to a single supplement payable for each night of their stay and may be allocated a standard double or standard twin room, subject to availability.


4. Group Bookings

Where your booking is for more than one person, the contract will be assigned to the ‘lead name’ – please see section 2 (Your Booking & Contract) – who on behalf of the other members of the group, accepts full responsibility for adherence to all the terms of this contract, including, but not limited to making all payments, informing all other members of the group as to the booking details and terms and notifying us (the hotel) of any amendments or cancellation concerning the booking. We (the hotel) will be unable to discuss, or enter into any form of negotiation with any other person (within the group or a third party), other than the lead name, prior to, during or post stay at the hotel. If your booking was made via a third party agent, all booking queries, amendments, cancellations and complaints must be made directly through the agent. A booking made via a third party agent does not negate the sole responsibility accepted by the ‘lead name’ on any booking (single or group) made with us (the hotel) and the ‘lead name’ provided to us (the hotel) by the booking agent will still assume responsibility for adherence to these terms on behalf of the entire group.


5. Payments

A deposit of £35 per person is required on booking confirmation if the booking is made earlier than 12 weeks prior to arrival date, or, 50% of the total booking value if the booking is made between 12 and 6 weeks prior to date of arrival, or, equal to the full value of the booking if the booking is made less than 6 weeks prior to date of arrival.

All outstanding balances must be paid to us (the hotel) no later than 6 weeks prior to the date of arrival. Failure to pay the outstanding balance on time will be considered by us (the hotel) notification from you (the client) to cancel the booking, and as such the cancelation terms will apply – please see section 6 (Cancellations & Amendments by you). If your booking was made via a third party agent, you will normally pay monies directly to the agent and we (the hotel) will have a payment arrangement in place with the agent. Please ensure that the agent you place you booking through is a member of ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents) or can provide proof of bonding to an industry recognised financial body, as we (the hotel) will be unable to provide accommodation or services, nor will we (the hotel) be liable for any financial refund or compensation, should the agent be unable to make the agreed payments on your (the client) behalf, for any reason. Credit card payments can only be accepted from the cardholder or if specifically authorised by the cardholder. Transactions are undertaken in £(GBP) sterling. If you are using a foreign currency credit/debit card, we cannot be responsible for any currency conversion charges or any transaction fees incurred. A refund payment may be processed back to your credit/debit card, if the same card was used for the initial booking payment or by bank transfer, at our discretion, at the time of issue. All payments must be made by the ‘lead name’ – please see section 2 (Your Booking & Contract) - and in accordance with the terms of this contract.


6. Cancellations and Amendments by You

The ‘lead name’ on the booking must confirm any amendments or a full cancellation directly to us (the hotel),in writing, or to the agent, if your booking was made via a third party. Any amendment or cancellation request will only be actioned by us (the hotel) at the date and time of receipt of written notification from you (the client) or the agent, as applicable.

Cancellation charges are shown below:

Date of cancellation Cancellation payable as a % of cancelled

 Revenue for all facilities, and services reserved

In excess of 12 weeks prior to the arrival date

 Deposit Retained

Between 12 weeks and 8 weeks prior to the arrival date

50% of the revenue

Less than 8 weeks prior to the arrival date

 100% of the revenue

An amendment fee of £45, to cover administration costs, will be charged for a date change to a confirmed booking. There is no charge for a Golf tee-time amendment. All amendment requests are subject to availability. Payment of the amendment fee must be received in full prior to us (the hotel) confirming the amendment. If your booking was made via a third party agent, you (the client) will have to request any amendment and make payment via the agent, or direct to us (the Hotel) if agreed by the agent. If paid via the agent, the agent must pay us (the hotel) the amendment fee in full (not net of commission) to enable us to process the amendment. We (the hotel) will not be liable for any additional administration fee charged to you (the client) by the agent.


7. Non Arrival and Early Departure

Any member of a group booking that does not arrive or decides to leave the hotel early, for any reason, will be charged a full, or applicable, cancellation fee and we (the hotel) will not be liable to provide a refund or compensation.


8. Golf Course Closure

The golf course will be deemed as playable unless the Course Manager, authorised deputy or General Manager determines that the golf course is unplayable and closes the Golf course. In the event that the Golf course is closed due to bad weather, we (the hotel) will endeavour to arrange an alternative date or issue bad weather vouchers. Once play has commenced rights are waived to bad weather vouchers or option of an alternative date. We (the hotel) will not issue any refund or financial compensation for Golf course closure due to bad weather. If the Golf course is closed by us (the hotel) for any reason, other than bad weather or another unforeseen situation outside of our control (act of god), we (the hotel) will offer a refund to you (the client) for the value of the Golf green fee element of your booking. We (the hotel) will not offer or provide a refund or financial compensation against the accommodation, food, beverage or any other element of your (the client) booking due to Golf course closure.


9. Cancellations or Amendments by Us

In the unlikely event the hotel has to cancel your booking, we will endeavour to offer an alternative date to which the booking can be moved. If a suitable date is offered by us (the hotel) and agreed to by you (the client), we (the hotel) will transfer all monies held and apply the credit against the new booking, complete all administration and issue new client documentation at no charge to you (the client). The new booking will be an exact copy of the original booking and no additional charges will be applied should the new date command an increase in cost due to seasonal pricing. Any promotional items included within the original booking will be honoured within the new booking. If any changes are requested by you (the client) to the new booking these will be applied at the prevailing rate(s) – please see section 6 (Cancellations & Amendments by you). If a suitable, alternative date cannot be offered by us (the hotel) or agreed to by you (the client) we (the hotel) will refund all deposits and monies held against the booking. We (the hotel) will have no other liability. The hotel may cancel your booking and terminate the contract, with no liability, in the following situations:

a. you enter, or we believe you may enter, any type of insolvency proceedings, putting at risk any monies owed to us (the Hotel) for the provision of your booking, or

b. the group attendees or nature of the event may cause public disorder, or damage the reputation of the hotel, or

c. you fail to abide by any terms of this contract


10. Force Majeure

We will not be liable to pay you any compensation if forced to cancel or make any major changes to your booking as a result of events outside our control and which we could not reasonably foresee. Events outside our control include: war; threats of war; government intervention, terrorism; riots; civil unrest; natural and man-made disasters; adverse weather conditions; health risks; pandemics; industrial disputes; technical disruption to transport or gateways or any other force majeure event.


11. Your Stay

The hotel is open 24 hours a day, with breakfast served between 07:00 hrs – 09:30 hrs (weekdays) and 07:00 hrs – 10:30 hrs (weekend), and dinner served everyday between 18:00 Hrs – 21:00 hrs. Access to your bedroom accommodation is from 15:00 hrs on day of arrival and bedrooms must be vacated by 11:00 hrs on day of departure. Subject to availability and prevailing charges, there may be the option to request an early check-in or late departure.

Please contact the hotel reception directly to enquire on +44 (0)1327 262550 or

a. Definition of a Round of Golf: A round of golf comprises 18 holes. The hotel currently operates 3 courses of 9 holes, and we reserve the right to alter the route of play across these courses to provide your 18 hole round.

b. Golf Etiquette: All standard rules for good golf etiquette apply on our course, so please familiarise yourself with these standards before your visit. In addition to etiquette, some basic rules of play include:

(i) A maximum of 4 players are allowed in a group, per tee time.

(ii) Each player must have sole use of their own golf clubs, in their own golf bag. Clubs cannot be shared between 2 or more players.

(iii) Appropriate golf shoes must be worn at all times on the course.

(iv) The holes on the course must be played in the correct sequence, and all tee times must be adhered to.

(v) On occasion, when the course is exceptionally busy, there may be a slight delay in you start time. This is sometimes unavoidable, however we ask that all players  maintain a good pace of play, which can reduce queues. If your group is struggling, you may be asked to allow other groups to play through. If you continue to play slowly, and this is affecting other groups, we (the Hotel) reserve the right to ask your group to leave the course. If you are asked to leave the course for slow play, or any other reason, the hotel is not liable to offer a refund nor compensation.

(vi) All play must be from the ’Yellow’ or ‘Red’ tees. The ‘White’ tees are solely for use by club members and during club competitions.

(vii) We operate a zero tolerance policy for unruly behaviour or dangerous play. If a member of our staff, or representation, deem that your behaviour is unruly, aggressive, abusive, or dangerous, you will be asked to leave the course, and in extreme circumstances you will be removed from the hotel. In such cases, the hotel will not be liable to offer a refund nor compensation.

Should you have any questions regarding the local rules or current conditions of the course, please contact our resident Golf Professional at

c. Buggy and Trolley Hire: We (the hotel) offer for hire golf bag push trollies and self-drive golf buggies. The hire of these items are not included in your package. You can request a Buggy or Trolley to be reserved, however such a request is not a guaranteed booking. All requests are subject to Buggy or Trolley availability and the weather and golf course conditions on the day. If available and course conditions allow, all Buggies and Trollies are to be paid for on the day of hire. Buggy hire is subject to the hire agreement and disclaimer form, to be completed by the hirer. The hotel reserves the right, at our discretion, to request a deposit payment in addition to the hire charge, which will be retained in the case of misuse or damage caused to the Buggy by the hirer.

d. Dining: On arrival at the hotel, you will be required to attend the main hotel reception, prior to starting your round of golf, to confirm your dining arrangements, to include, menu choices, meal times and the room in which you will be dining. If you are staying at the hotel for more than one night, your subsequent evening dining arrangements can be confirmed with a member of our staff during the morning, prior to your round of golf.

e. Health & Safety, Licencing and Statutory Requirements: Details of the terms governing use of the hotel are set out in our Health & Safety terms. These terms are incorporated into this contract.

f. Not Included in your Booking Price: Your booking confirmation – please see section 2 (Your Booking & Contract) – will provide details of all products and services included during your stay. All golf residential packages, direct or via a third party, will not include access to any leisure facility unless pre-booked under separate contract, or arranged in resort, subject to availability at the prevailing charges. This will include: (a) The Wellness Centre wet facilities (hydro-pool, steam rooms, Sauna); (b) the Gym; (c) Spin Studio; (d) Tennis Court; (e) Ten Pin Bowling Alley; (f) Beauty Salon.

Golf buggies and pull trollies are not included in your package, but are available for hire, subject to availability and prevailing charges – please see section 11(c) (Your Stay). Your evening meals will be provided from the Hotel Table D’Hote menu – please see section 11(d) (Your Stay). The hotel also operate a ‘Lounge Bar’ and Restaurant ‘A la Carte’ menu, which is not included in your package. Items from the ‘Lounge Bar’ Menu and the Restaurant ‘A La Carte’ menu can be chosen, however, these item will be charged at the full menu price at point of order. As your evening meal(s) are included within the package price, no refund nor compensation, financial or otherwise, can be provided for meals not taken, in part or in whole.

g. Guest Behaviour: You have full liability to ensure that you do not behave inappropriately, cause offence or danger to others, or cause damage to property belonging to the hotel, or other guests, whilst staying in the hotel or using a service or product provided by the hotel. For all group bookings the ‘lead name’ on the booking – please see section 2 (Your Booking & Contract) – will be liable for the behaviour of all members of their group. If your behaviour is considered, by a person of authority i.e. the Hotel General Manager or their authorised representative, or proven to be inappropriate, and causes offence to members of staff or other guests, or damage to, or risks damage to property belonging to the hotel or other guests, we (the hotel) reserve the right to cancel your booking and request that you leave the property. If this occurs our (the hotel) responsibility to you under this agreement will cease immediately and you will not be eligible for any refunds, payments of compensation and/or any reimbursement of any cost or expenses you may incur as a result of such termination. Furthermore, you will be liable to reimburse us (the Hotel) for any expenses we incur as a result of such termination.
h. Car Park: The hotel provides car parking facilities free of charge for all guests and visitors. The car park is monitored by CCTV cameras, however, all vehicles are parked at the risk of the owner and we (the hotel) cannot accept any responsibility or liability for theft to, or from, the vehicle or damage caused, accidently or with malice, to any vehicle whilst parked on Hotel property. We (the hotel) provide designated accessible parking bays for use by Blue Badge holders, and provide pay-per-use, electric car charging pods.


12. Our Liability to You

As the hotel we accept responsibility for the proper performance of the contract between you (the Guest) and us (the Hotel) for the proven acts and/or omissions of our employees and service. The level of any compensation awarded to you for the failure of any aspect of your stay with us (the Hotel) will take into consideration a number of factors including; the invoice price of your booking, any reasonable action you undertook to rectify the problem thereby minimising any inconvenience or damage suffered, and the extent to which the service failure or deficiency reasonably affected your enjoyment of your overall booking. Except in the case of death or personal injury, our entire liability under, or in connection with, this contract is limited to the value of the contract. We (the Hotel) will not be liable where the act or omission is attributable to you or to unforeseeable or unavoidable failures of a third party. Likewise, we will not be liable where there are unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond our immediate control, which could not have been avoided even with due care, or an event, the consequences of which could not have been foreseen or forestalled, even with due care. We (the Hotel) will not be liable to you (the Guest) for loss of business opportunity, loss of anticipated savings, loss of goodwill or any consequential loss or damage howsoever caused, whether it is direct or indirect, and regardless of whether it was foreseeable or we were aware of it in advance.

If we are prevented or hindered from hosting your stay by any circumstance beyond our reasonable control we may, without being liable for any loss or damage suffered by you or anyone else, terminate the contract forthwith by giving you notice.


13. Complaints

In the unlikely event that you have a complaint, please bring it to the attention of a member of our (the Hotel)staff immediately. This will allow us (the Hotel) the opportunity to investigate and resolve the matter for you either immediately or as appropriate. If applicable, please ask the member of staff for a written note or email acknowledgement of your complaint, to include the date and time of notification of your complaint and the name of the member of staff to which the complaint was registered. It is very important that you register your complaint with us (the Hotel) at the time of incident because if left unreported it may not be possible to investigate and resolve at a later date. If we (the Hotel) are not provided the opportunity to address any issues at the time of occurrence, we may dismiss any liability, and consequently, any compensation otherwise due to you.


14. Data Protection Policy

We are committed to protecting your data and privacy and are fully GDPR compliant. To view our company privacy policy please visit


15. Insurance

We (the Hotel) strongly recommend that you (the Guest) take out appropriate insurance to cover theft, loss or damage to any personal property whilst staying at the hotel. We (the Hotel) also advise all golfers to carry a valid Golf Insurance Policy to cover you (the Guest) for personal accident, liability to the public, medical expenses, golfing equipment and personal effects, whilst playing or practising golf on any golf course or practice range.


16. Legal Jurisdiction

No person who is not party to this contract shall have any rights under the Contracts Rights of Third Parties Act 1999 to enforce any term of this contract. If a term of this contract is found by a body or person of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable, any such term will not affect any other term within the contract and all other terms will remain in effect and valid. If the term of the contract deemed invalid, would cease to be invalid or unenforceable should it be amended, the provision shall be modified as is necessary to make it valid or enforceable. The terms and conditions of this contract are governed by English law and the jurisdiction of the English courts.